Translation of Copy Text / Editorial Content

Content is everything! Whatever it is you want to share deserves to be tailor-made for your target groups. Whether shops, blogs or catalogues, I will translate your texts faithfully and creatively to match the original text’s tone and content while adapting it to German conventions. Good translations do not only “do the words” but catch the meaning and the implications of the original.

Make sure your point does not get lost in translation: I also copy write German texts specifically for your target groups and cultural specific contexts.

My core competencies are literature, culture, religion, society, education as well as the broad field of nutrition and general well-being.

What is it that you can expect from me?

  • Reviews / articles
  • Copy / scripts / catalogue texts / product descriptions
  • Text for calendars, cards etc.

(and translations of all of those)

Let’s talk about how we can optimise your German presentation – online or in print.